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EC Nominations Open

April 1, 2015

Bryan Donald

Nominations for our 2015-2016 Executive Committee are open!  You can find the form under the "Resources" tab, or at http://www.tamsnpha.org/forms/nomination2015.php.  Please make your nominations promptly.  As we discussed in our meeting, all nominations will be double-checked by Academic Affairs before the list is finalized, so It may close a couple of days before voting, depending on how much time they need.

To make a successful nomination, you must use the full actual name of your nominee (this may be different from his or her preferred name).  To help you with this, the website will automatically suggest the names of eligible SNPhA members as you type in your nominee's name.  Please select a name from this autocomplete; going off-book will only make the process more difficult.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know.